For Domain Experts

May 7, 2010 News

If you have expertise in a specific domain and want to make money on the apple app store?

We would like to hear from you!

XZAMS is currently looking for content from domain experts from around the world across any subject such as (but not excluded to):

* government exams and preparation
* technical certification and preparation
* vocational and trade certification
* college entrance exams and preparation
* K to 12 tutorial material
* subject matter specific tutorial

Experts can leverage the XZAMS mobile platform to create practice exams and tutorial material and monetize the content on the apple app store and soon the android marketplace.

Domain experts can use XZAMS’ web based content management system to enter content: provide questions, answers and explanations in any language. Domain experts can also create content in a simple excel spreadsheet and send the practice exam or tutorial to our support team for conversion. Upon completion, the XZAMS team will work with you to agree on a sales price where revenue will be split between XZAMS and the domain expert.

For more information, please contact us via: